Raymond Young


Theona Shields

In Him We Move Liturgical Dance Conference is designed to educate the body of Christ on the power and conviction associated with Liturgical Dance, one city at a time.

In 1994 God gave specific instructions to Raymond Young to implement In Him We Move (IHWM), a conference where participants could gain knowledge and insight on the power and authority associated with Liturgical dance. After seven years of preparation, prayer and labor God allowed Mr. Young along with Theona Shields National, Director Of Planning and Events, the opportunity to give birth to IHWM in San Diego, California in April 2012. Over 85 passionate worshipers were ready and prepared to take their dance to the next dimension.

Years later IHWM is quickly becoming noted across the country as the conference that changes lives, transcends expectations and refuels passion for the worshiper that many have allowed the enemy to silence their worship. IHWM has already won numerous awards and is quickly on the path to becoming the only conference that travels from city to city, state to state educating, equipping and providing participants a first-class experience from on-line registration on our state of the art website to our conference finale…Now Let’s Dance, a concert where all participants have the opportunity to share with family and friends what they learned during their time with IHWM!

Now… Let’s…Move!!!